Old Coolattin Country Ltd, trading as Carnew Training & Development Centre (Carnew TDC) is a community development organisation formed in 1991. Our mission is the economic, cultural, & social development of Carnew and the surrounding area.

We cooperate with all state agencies to combat social exclusion due to geographical & access issues. Our target groups are all the socially excluded; long-termed unemployed, lone parents, travellers, disabled, aged, & ex-prisoners. We place specific emphasis on helping anyone with poor educational attainment, low self-esteem, or poor access to training due to the restricted local transport facilities.

261375_128383697243474_8329408_nCarnew TDC aims to build the capacity of everyone living in rural areas of South Wicklow, East Carlow, and North Wexford, enabling them as individuals and members of their community to generate growth and sustainability the area.

We provide a quality service that allows for the acquisition and development of skills and knowledge at all levels.

Old Coolattin Country Ltd. trading as Carnew Training & Development Centre is a company limited by guarantee not having share capital, registered office Woolgreen, Carnew, Co Wicklow, Ireland.

Old Coolattin Country Ltd Registered number: 180840, CHY number: 11118

Directors of Old Coolattin Country Ltd: Jose Dowse, Bernadette Doran, Margaret Dowse, Pat Doran, Lorna Doran, Kevin McEvoy, Robert Cogely, Victor Young, Jim Coogan, Michael Kelly