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In 1997-98 Wicklow Rural Partnership (WRP) drew up Local Action Plans in conjunction with eighteen communities around County Wicklow. It became clear that the county was experiencing a need to resolve the ever widening rural/urban divide and its associated ills.

Advances in technology mean that geographical isolation is no longer a barrier to rural communities participating fully in the information society and so an initiative to develop a countywide network of IT Centres was proposed.
The proposal qualified as a community based initiative under theLEADER II programme and an application for funding was approved by the Board of WRP. It sought to make the best use of existing resources such as halls and village centres to provide access to technology based training and services for all sectors of the community, thus improving social and business economies in the long term.
Eleven IT centres were initially set up as a result of this initiative. They have been staffed both voluntarily and with the help of FÁS funding to provide valuable training, career and life experience for all involved.

The centres help to prevent erosion of rural society by localising resources usually found only in urban areas and by affording an opportunity for the comfortable integration of old and new lifestyles.

The centres provide modern opportunitieson the terms of the individual, businesses, and communities.There are now seven centres within Wicklow Information Network.

In 2008 Wicklow Rural Partnership merged with two Social Inclusion Development Companies, Wicklow Working Together and Arklow Community Enterprise to become a county wide organisation known as County Wicklow Community Partnerhsip (CWP) .

Financial Statement 2015

WIN Organisational Chart

Mission Statement

The Mission statement of WIN reads as follows:

“WIN’s ultimate purpose is to provide social and economic inclusion for Wicklow’s rural community by providing essential IT and personal development training, through co-operative action between the statutory and non-statutory organisations, within and bordering County Wicklow”.
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“I have no hesitation in recommending Wicklow Information Network for the delivery of I.T. training.”
Brian Kehoe,
Programme Manager,
Wicklow Rural Partnership

“The training provided by Wicklow Information Network was structured and professional and we have no hesitation in recommending them as a quality training organisation”
Margaret Malone,
Community & Enterprise Development Officer,
Wicklow County Council.

“We have found this organisation very trustworthy and competent in all their dealings”
Tom Gregan,
Area Manager,
FBD Insurance plc
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– tel: 053-942-6555
– email:info@wintraining.net
– web:www.wintraining.net